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10 Gorgeous Highlights to Ask Your Stylist For

Why not try adding dimension with some highlights if you want a change but don’t want to chop your hair? Yes, spending time in the salon chair is time-consuming, but all wonderful things require time, right? The use of highlights and lowlights allows for the creation of extremely sophisticated hair color solutions that are challenging to imitate.

You may even create your complex hair color that is even finer than the source of your inspiration. Most women have already experimented with the basics like brown hair with blonde highlights or red hair with blonde highlights. You may even have experimented with more extravagant highlights like purple in dark brown hair or peek-a-boo highlights in vibrant color. Keep reading to know the gorgeous colors you should ask your stylist to level up with the latest trends.

What Are Highlights in Hair?

To make your hair look better overall, highlights involve dying some of your hair a shade lighter than your natural hair color. While lowlights are parts that are darker than your base hue, highlights are lighter sections. This changes the brightness level of the hair strands. Naturally, carefully placed highlights can enhance your complexion and direct focus to or away from particular facial features.

Hair Highlights Advice

Here are some tips to bear in mind to avoid having regrets about your choice of highlights.

  • To give the color time to settle fully, if you want to highlight expressly for an event, schedule the appointment at least two weeks in advance.
  • Choose cool-toned highlights if your skin tone is warm and vice versa.
  • Spacing the highlights slightly farther apart rather than closer together will increase contrast. You can weave the highlights closer if you want a lighter overall appearance.
  • Make sure your highlights are at least two levels lighter than the base color and are in the same tonal family if you prefer highlights that look natural. The shift from a deeper hue at your roots to a brighter tone at the ends for highlights that look wonderful even as they grow out.
  • The lightest and thickest streaks should be closer to your face to frame your face and draw attention to your facial features.

10 Best Women’s Hair Highlights Options

Here are some of the best hair highlight ideas to inspire and motivate you to make your next salon appointment.

1. Copper Highlights

Even if the pleasant hue of copper is one of the most popular and frequently seen on streets today, it is nevertheless fascinating. Cooper highlights on dark hair produce a gorgeous appearance that is especially great for those who don’t want to stray off the beaten road and go wild and rebellious. What’s best? This color will last longer than most.

2. Balayage Highlights

With a smooth transition from dark to light along the lengths of your hair, balayage incorporates a multi-tonal finish. Your natural hair color and the highlights blend naturally thanks to a progressive highlighting effect. The flawless transition looks very natural. Additionally, you can add color gradients or a single shade that complements you uniformly.

3. Traditional Highlights

Foiling is another name for this method of hair coloring. From the root to the tip, your stylist lightens each hair strand. Then, to add depth and complexity, they leave your natural hair color between the foils. Very little bits of hair is bleach brushed, then foil wrapped. You can highlight your entire hair, only the hair around your face, whichever suits you best.

4. Babylights

One of the simplest methods to hit the reset button to your appearance is to add a few baby lights. It is a subtle approach to achieving the sun-kissed effect on your hair. They provide your hair with a beautiful gloss and brightness and are more subdued than conventional highlights. This hair color technique is ideal if you want to change your hairdo without making any significant changes. Anyone with very fine hair can also try it because it gives your hair a textural boost!

5. Ombre

Ombre hair color contrasts with naturally dark hair near the roots and a lighter color at the tips. You can cut the colored ends as your hair grows and switch to a new hue. So, if you’re ready to give the ends of your hair a stunning new beginning, choose this two-tonal style.

6. Sombre

“Sombre” is a mashup terminology.  It combines ombre and subtle elements. A Sombré is the best choice if you think the previous styles are too dramatic for you.

7. Blonde Highlights

A smattering of blonde highlights will dramatically improve your complexion, especially if the sun is shining on your hair. It looks like a natural face illuminator. The best blonde streaks have naturally darker highlights woven throughout for an alluring contrast.

8. Honey Blonde Highlights

Do you feel anxious about going blonde? What about subdued honey-dripping colors on your hair? The hue of honey blonde lies just between dark and lively. Consider this shade as a subtle approach to flirting with blonde without going all out.

9. Chunky Highlights

This current comeback trend involves highlighting larger areas of hair to create a high-contrast appearance. Here, as opposed to the methods above, the intention is to produce a chunky-and-funky appearance.  Blondes, brunettes, and more hair colors can all benefit greatly from this procedure! Hairstreaks are back in fashion, and chunky lights give you a bold, high-contrast aesthetic that is appealing. Chunky lights are ideal for people who enjoy using their hair to make a statement.

10. Pink Highlights

Moving towards bolder looks, we’ve finally given you a justification to dress up your locks. The pink hue is superb and will provide complexity to your hair. It provides a welcome change from the darker colors that mostly depend on light to disclose. Additionally, the pink highlights give your locks a sleek finish.

This is the perfect time to go bold and spruce up your hair the way you like. The best place to start for your new look is with a hair color expert at Recitals Hair Salon. You are sure to get the best results for your hair with the help of our globally qualified hair stylists. To make an appointment for gorgeous hair, call 843-936-6827 or click here.