Woman with a bob hairstyle standing in front of holiday decorations.

Winter will be here before you know it, and unlike the previous two years, this Thanksgiving season will be different as we finally transition into a post-pandemic era. There will be fewer nights spent lounging on the couch, binge-watching holiday romantic comedies, and more nights spent out with friends celebrating the holidays. Keep reading to find out the hairstyles and haircuts that will make you look chic all season and put the spotlight on you at all of your winter gatherings.

5 Haircut Trends to Try This Winter

1)   The Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut adds fantastic volume and richness to long hair and is universally flattering for all facial shapes and hair types. Longer layers that land at the shoulder level and above effortlessly meld with shorter layers that frame the face at the chin level to produce the butterfly wings.

2)   Choppy Long Layers

Long, choppy layers will give movement to your present length and clean up any untidy ends if you’re into having long, thick hair. The only goal of this cutting method, which may be used on all textures, is to generate a form that corresponds to your length. A traditional winter cut also features long, choppy layers. When put up, this look smartly creates the appearance of a shorter cut without commitment. It’s perfect for several styling possibilities.

3)   The French Fringe

Wispy, simple, and incredibly stylish, this fashion statement is legendary and will always be in vogue. It is significantly simpler to style in the colder months and looks fantastic on all hair lengths.

If you’re unsure of whether or not this style suits you, rest assured that it looks great on every face shape. The only drawback to this I-woke-up-like-this style is that it requires a lot of hair maintenance to keep it looking great. They must be trimmed regularly and flat irons are frequently needed to give them the perfect texture and shape.

4)   The 90’s Layers

This will be the season’s reigning cut for a good reason. It is lengthy, bouncy, and easy. You won’t need to style it every day because it dries naturally. To attain this look, blow out your hair yourself or visit a salon to get it professionally done. This will give your layers a stylish, cool appearance.

5)   Bob Cut

It is anticipated that those wishing to go short will continue to favor the blunt bob this winter. The application of a heat protectant is advised before styling your hair.

This cut’s versatility helps it to be tailored to any hair texture. No matter the texture or length, you may transition from day to night and from sophisticated to casual with this timeless appearance. It is advised to obtain fairly blunt edges to increase bulk if you have fine hair.

After the ideal cut from the top salon, all you need is a stylish winter hairstyle that looks wonderful through it all, no matter how grey and gloomy the weather.

Trending Hairstyles this Winter

Woman with curly hair in an orange jacket.

You require a hairdo that can withstand extreme temperatures and still look great. Here are all the cutest hairstyles for the winter, from twisted updos to glossy curls that would still look amazing under a hood.

1)   Braided Pigtails

Looking for a stylish yet laid-back outfit to wear to a holiday pajama party or ugly sweater contest? With the correct parting tool, dividing your hair down the middle will be as simple as ABC. To show off your holiday spirit, braid or twist your ends and secure them with adorable hair clips.

2)   Wash and Leave

When it comes to rocking a great wash-and-go, detangling brushes is essential. To create this carefree look, use your preferred leave-in conditioner on freshly washed hair, detangle it, and then add some styling gel.

3)   Low Bun With A Side Swoop

In the winter, simple styles like buns are crucial. Hair oils add luster and keep hair nourished and strengthened, making them the ideal final touch for low buns.

4)   Low Bun and Light Bangs

Sometimes all it takes to dominate the holiday party scene is a touch of understated refinement. To obtain this loosely curled bang, place your hair in a low bun and curl it using a wand.

5) Retro Curls

The summer’s ultra-sleek hairstyles are long gone; in winter, volume, volume, and more volume are to be expected. A teasing comb, a curling wand, and a volumizing spray will help you achieve vintage curls.

6) Curly Bun

A curly bun is ideal for all winter celebrations and suits your winter formals too. Simply use high-shine curl cream to enhance your natural curls, then wrap your hair in a sloppy bun.

7) Undone Bun

When done with an artistic flair, it stands out among untidy buns. Simply straighten your hair, then pull it up while maintaining your part. Only half of your hair should be pulled through the ponytail, leaving the tail hanging down.

8) Ringlet Curls

Corkscrew curls have stood the test of time—they are just as adorable today as when Taylor Swift wore them in 2008. Furthermore, this style looks fantastic under a winter hat.

 9) Cheerleader Pony

Wear your favorite turtleneck with a bouncy pony to show off your neck and achieve that cheerleader-like silhouette. Put your hair in a high ponytail after using a large curling iron to style it (great for second-day hair). Before pulling your hair back into a ponytail at the top of your head. A dash of texturizing spray can ensure a tonne of body.

10) Chill Waves

This is the haircut you forgot about for the Christmas party. The style is adorable, flattering on all hair lengths, and reasonably simple to replicate. Apply a small amount of texturizing spray for grit, use an iron to form tight curls, and run your fingers through them. After adding a few light waves here and there with your straightener, flip your hair to the side. The outcome? Voluminous beach waves.

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