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Fun Fall Hairstyles to Try

With fall just around the corner, as evidenced by events like Starbucks rolling out their Pumpkin Spice Latte already, many women are looking for a new style to get us in the spirit of the season. Whether you’re looking for something a little longer so the back of your neck is covered even in that cooler fall weather, or want to spice things up with a shorter look, Recitals Hair Salon is ready to see you looking fabulous.
Want to see some fun ideas for the fall? Then read on to get ideas about what to ask your stylist for the next time you find yourself in the salon.

The Draw of the Fall Hairstyle

Why do we feel the need to get a new hairstyle each season? It largely depends on each person, but most of us typically find we’re ready for a new hairstyle by the time a few months have passed. As such, the seasons line up rather well to fit into a hairstyle-changing schedule, so why not embrace the beautiful, changing seasons by also changing our hair into something new and equally as beautiful? A regular schedule of visiting our great hairstylist can also promote good maintenance of our hair, making it a good choice for not only updating our look and trying something new, but also for getting our hair the regular care and attention it deserves. Fall is the perfect time to treat yourself, so why not do so by getting a great new hairstyle?

Fall Hairstyles To Try

A lot of the current fall hairstyles have pulled from what worked for fall last year; history tends to repeat itself, as the saying goes, and why shouldn’t it when it looks so good?

Here are some suggestions for great fall hairstyles to give a try this season:

Make a Statement With Some Bangs

There are so many different types of bangs you could choose, and they always bring a new level of style to your hair. Looking for something daring? Try out an avant-garde look such as sheared baby bangs, or go for the low-maintenance, easy-to-style curtain bangs that help frame your face.

Longer, While Still Flattering

Longer hairstyles often require more time to take care of, but they’re perfect for the cooler months, making them a great fit for fall. A classic like long and polished looks great when accented with side bangs, adding a little pizazz to a look that otherwise might be a little too bland for some. Face-framing layers can work on any length of hairstyle but are especially good for longer lengths to help alleviate some of the weight while looking very stylish in the meantime. Keeping a longer length and adding a side-swept look is not only a classic but an easy way to make a statement with longer lengths as well.

Something Right in the Middle

If the weight of a longer look is something you want to avoid, getting a mid-length one can provide similar effects while still leaving a long length you can play with. A perfect example of this is the “Charlie’s Angel” look, which features the perfect mid-length that reaches the collarbone as well as a face-framing fringe that gives people a nostalgic call-back to the hit ’70s television show that became popular enough to gain multiple movie adaptations as well. Another classic mid-length look that has made a comeback is the center-parted mid-length. Adding some texture to this cut can amp up the volume and give you a stylish look that’s all your own.

Keeping It Close

Even though longer looks tend to fit best for the fall, there are still some amazing short looks that you can try out as well. You can’t go wrong, for example, with a pixie cut that either features your natural hair or one that’s a little more styled, such as the radical Peter Pan pixie, which adds layering into the shorter look to give it an eye-catching appearance. The bob is another classic that fits well for those who prefer shorter hairstyles, and if you choose to grow it out, your winter look can easily become the popular lob as well, a hairstyle that’s still chic while allowing you to grow out your hair to something longer for the next season.

Make It Bold

With the flora making its own beauty with the changing leaves, why not do something just as dramatic? A great hairstyle to give a try that works for any length and gives massive drama that’s easy to upkeep is the shag. It was very popular when it first came out, and as is the natural way of hairstyles, it came roaring back last year to the point that it isn’t ready to leave even a year later. Add some texture and layers to your hair while allowing it to give you that bedhead look that can be styled any which way—or not styled at all—and still look amazing. Get some versatility that will last you until the next style you want to try and give you lots to play with in the meantime with a shag cut.

Ready for Something New?

Whether you’re thinking of something more dramatic or a little more demure for the fall, now’s the time to get yourself an amazing new hairstyle. Try something new, and remember—it’s just hair, so even if it doesn’t work for you, you can let it grow and change it up with ease!

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